Independent Contractor Management Services

PSC indepedent contractor managementThe use of Independent Contractors has been growing over the past decade and is predicted to only accelerate over the next.  How your company manages this vital part of your workforce is critical in protecting your firm from tax, legal and intellectual property loss.

If not managed correctly, the value provided by these highly specialized, productive and cost effective workers can be negated if they put the company at disproportionate risks.  The Canadian and US Governments are diligently pursuing huge fines and penalties from workforce misclassification. And, to take it further, if you employ independent contractors without the proper insurances and IP protection, the risks only increase. 

Most companies don't have the time or resources to devote to these challenges or they are spending more time and money than needed. That is where Payment Services Corporation can help.

Payment Services Corp. (PSC) provides independent contactor management services that minimize the administration and mitigate liability of your independent contractor processing, labor law compliance, and other human resource management activities.

Our employees are hr experts...

Our employees are payroll processing as well as local, state, provincial, and federal regulations.

You can rely on adminstrative support and hr consultancy to ensure labor law compliance and maximize employment returns.

Payment Services Corp provides professional administrative services including:

Is your business at risk for employee misclassification? Take our free misclassification risk evaluation to get some solid answers

Are you prepared for the coming workforce changes?

Our recent whitepaper "Ahead of the Curve" looks at labor force changes that continue to impact human resource and procurement issues within your company.

human resource and procurement department efficiency

This paper will give your company information that will:

  • Assist you in determining how prepared you are for these changes;
  • Give you the steps in the process of managing this challenge;
  • Give you a historical perspective so that you can evaluate the importance and impact of this change in the marketplace for and on your company.

Labor forces change during recovery periods. Is your company ready?

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PSC 2011 Contractor Satisfaction Survey / Sondage sur la satisfaction entrepreneur PSC 2011

Download a copy of PSC's 2011 Contractor Satisfaction Survey. 

Téléchargez un exemplaire du sondage sur la satisfaction entrepreneur PSC 2011

2011 Survey Results


Also view our 2010 Report:

PSC Contractor Survey Report


OUR SERVICES » Save you time by reducing your administrative tasks

» Lower your risk by ensuring legal compliance

» Save you money by helping you control costs

» Help you recruit and retain the best employees by providing competitive benefits

Call 1-866-972-0616 or e-mail us to learn more and set up a free consultation today.

Free Independent Contractor Risk Evaluation Tool!

independent contractor risk calculation tool

Do you use independent contractors as part of your workforce? Are you concerned about the risks of government fines and penalties associated with a misclassified contractor? They can be steep! Use this FREE calculator to evaluate the potential risk your company would face in the event of a government audit.

    Click Here For Free Risk Calculator

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